Alex and Anwen Wedding 23-06-2019 WEB-55

Old Luxters Barn

Wedding with Alex and Anwen


Back in 2019 I travelled down south, just past Oxford. to shoot my first Wedding at Old Luxters Barn. This place was perfect for getting picturesque shots for Alex and Anwen's special day. The Barn is set on a vineyard and I used this fully to my advantage by getting members of the wedding party to have their group shots taken there. When choosing your wedding venue I believe that location is everything, especially if you want stunning photos.I'd consider looking at spaces you'll be able to take lots of pictures when deciding which venue to book, you only get one day after all!  This was one of those places that was just so easy to capture great images in and Alex and Anwen were a delight to photograph. I truly wish them all the best for the future and I hope you enjoy this snapshot of images as much as I did taking them! 

Faye and Richard Wedding 26-05-2019 WEB-

Pryors Hayes

Wedding with

Faye and Richard


Congratulations to Faye and Richard on their Marriage back in May of this year at Pryors Hayes Golf Club in Cheshire. Faye entered my competition last year to win a days Wedding Photography for free and I couldn't have thought of a more deserving and lovely couple to win. Both Richard and Faye were such good sports and it enabled me to capture some stunning images at Pryors Hayes, one of my favourite moments of the day was shooting the images of the couple on the golf course as it made for some good laughs and some near misses involving me and a golf buggy! With the venue being so accommodating, a great place to photograph and Faye and Richard being such fantastic people I wish them all the best for the future and I can't wait to Photograph more weddings at Pryors Hayes.

Trisha and Paul Wedding 24-05-2019 Water

Inglewood Manor

Wedding with Trisha and Paul


It was blue sky's and smiles all around at Inglewood Manor back in May for Trisha and Paul's Wedding.


With Inglewood Manor being such a stunning location and the weather set to be brilliant throughout the day for an outdoor wedding, I was very much looking forward to creating some stunning images for the happy couple, especially by the large lakes and Grand gates that feature throughout Inglewood Manor.


Trisha and Paul were so easy to work with and they embody what I consider to be true love, they truly reminded me of why I fell in love with wedding photography. Being there to capture moments such as this day that both Trisha and Paul will treasure for the rest of their lives gives me such pride and I truly wish them both all the best for the future.


Thanks again to Inglewood Manor for being so accommodating and giving me the opportunity to capture some wonderful images at a local venue to me and I'll look forward to working with you all in the future.

Elaine and Paul Wedding 23-02-2019 Water

Hillbark Hotel

Wedding with Elaine and Paul  


It was smiles all around last month as Elaine and Paul became man and wife at Hillbark Hotel on the Wirral. This is a spectacular venue which meant I was spoilt for choice when it came to photo opportunities! I managed to persuade both Elaine and Paul to brave the cold and catch the sunset and by gosh I wasn't disappointed with the results I managed to capture for them both! Elaine and Paul are such a wonderful couple and so easy to work with, they truly love each-other and I wish them all the best for the future!

Jenni and Andew 24-08-2018 watermark-648

Sefton Park Hotel

Wedding with Jenni and Andrew  


What a fantastic day it was photographing Jenni and Andrew's wedding at Sefton Park Hotel! Whilst taking the group photos a large swarm of birds appeared and if you look closely you will see they seem to form a love heart sort of shape which made for an interesting image (It also meant everybody ducking for cover xD) . With changeable weather conditions I was wondering whether we would be able to capture all of the group photos outside but we just managed to get the last couple in before the heavens opened! Luckily both of them had come prepared with an umbrella which enabled me to capture a beautiful shot of them both outside the hotel. With big smiles throughout the day and the sense of true love I felt between Jenni and Andrew, I wish them both nothing but happiness for the future and for them to know that it was a pleasure to meet them both.

Reah and George Wedding 22-03-2019 Water

Abbey House Hotel with George and Reah


Abbey House was definitely a journey worth taking to photograph George and Reah's wedding up North in the Lakes. If the name of the place doesn't give it away it was set right next to an old derelict Abbey which made for some really interesting and creative photo opportunities'. Despite the miserable weather we managed to make our way down the steep pathway down to the Abbey after the Ceremony, capturing some lovely photos before the heavens started to open (typical UK weather). 

Thanks again to George and Reah for a lovely day and making my job as a photographer that little bit easier.

All the best,