• James Goodall

Jenni and Andrew's Wedding Day at Sefton Park Hotel

What a fantastic day it was photographing Jenni and Andrew's wedding at Sefton Park Hotel! Whilst taking the group photos a large swarm of birds appeared and if you look closely you will see they seem to form a love heart sort of shape which made for an interesting image (It also meant everybody ducking for cover xD) . With changeable weather conditions I was wondering whether we would be able to capture all of the group photos outside but we just managed to get the last couple in before the heavens opened! Luckily both of them had come prepared with an umbrella which enabled me to capture a beautiful shot of them both outside the hotel. With big smiles throughout the day and the sense of true love I felt between Jenni and Andrew, I wish them both nothing but happiness for the future and for them to know that it was a pleasure to meet them both.

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