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About Me

Photographer in Cheshire.


I discovered my passion for photography when I needed surgery after the discovery of a Benign tumour on my brain. After years of surgery  I was determined to get back on my feet and prove my doctors wrong who said I'd never be where I am today.


I have a real passion and drive for photography as it has helped me with my own struggles over the years and I want to be able to help others capture perfect moments to cherish over time.

When I'm not shooting weddings I love going to Chester Zoo and Photographing the animals. I also have a real passion for cars, music and films.


This year has seen me get engaged myself which has left me the oh so difficult challenge of organising my own wedding after knowing so many fantastic photographers and venues that I've stumbled across in the wonderful world of weddings! 


Feel free to check out the rest of my page and If you're interested in my work then check out my instagram, facebook page and or drop me a message using the link below and I hope to hear from you soon.


All the best,



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