I'm James, a freelance photographer from Chester.

I love visiting the zoo, driving my car, playing music and I've recently started climbing which i've fallen in love with  as a sport.

 I have a real passion and drive for photography as it has helped me with my own struggles over the years and I want to be able to document my adventures so others can be inspired to explore themselves . 


Feel free to check out the rest of my page and If you're interested in my work then check out my instagram, facebook page or drop me a message using the contact form below and I hope to hear from you soon.

You can also purchase my prints through my galleries. This helps fund my travels and  will hopefully bring you some stunning content!

I hope my pictures inspire you to make your own adventures!



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Looking for some Artwork for your wall? 

Why not check out my online print store! 

All the images in my gallery have been photographed by myself on my travels and I have a variety of options available to suit your interests and style.